Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 63

"Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems"



The goal of the CRC/TR 63 is to investigate novel phase systems for homogeneously catalysed, multiphase production processes in the sense of green chemistry, as well as developing and demonstrating efficient processes for chemical products.

Three different phase systems are used and investigated in the CRC/TR 63: thermomorphic (TMS) and micellar (MLS) solvent systems and Pickering emulsions (PE). These phase systems allow homogeneously catalysed reactions with high conversions and selectivities, and at the same time a highly efficient catalyst separation. In spite of the great interest of the chemical industry, these innovative phase systems are hardly being used. On the one hand, there is a lack of necessary chemical-physical as well as engineering principles and, on the other hand, the proof that economically and ecologically attractive overall processes can be realized with these phase systems is still missing.

For this reason, the methodological gaps for the design of efficient processes are closed by an integrated research approach, in order to create the prerequisites for efficient chemical production processes based on liquid, reactive multi-phase systems. The entire process from basic or platform chemicals to the pure product is considered with the aim of a holistic and fast process development. New methods of reaction design and operation as well as specific integrated reaction and separation processes are investigated. The results are combined in an overall process simulation and optimization.

A further research focus is the homogeneously catalysed refining of long-chain olefins as well as unsaturated oleo compounds as typical representatives of bio-based materials. In these molecules, polar, functional oxygen- or nitrogen-containing groups with high selectivity are introduced. That is only possible by using highly developed homogeneous catalyst-ligand systems. Because of the high cost of catalyst and ligands, the development of processes that enable almost complete catalyst recycling is a key challenge.

In contrast to other research groups, the CRC/TR 63 pursues a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach. It is not limited to the experimental investigation of the central chemical reactions, but tries to penetrate and model the phase systems to a large extent so that systematic integrated process development becomes possible. The processes are also implemented in the miniplant, including catalyst and educt recycling, and are systematically optimized.

The third funding period (2018-2022) of the CRC/TR 63 is organized into the following project areas*:

A) Chemical and Physical Fundamentals

B) Process Technology

D) Integrated Process Development


*Project area C 'System Technology' has been successfully completed with the end of the second funding period.


Last updated:13-06-2022