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"Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems"

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B1 Optimal Reactor Design and Operation for Liquid Multiphase Systems

Sub-Coordinators: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Sundmacher, Dr.-Ing. Katharina Zähringer
Researchers: M. Sc. Karsten Rätze, M. Sc. Annemarie Lehr


Subproject B1 is involved in the synthesis of new and innovative reaction networks. Based on the elementary process functions (EPF) methodology developed during the previous funding periods, the design approach is generalized to consider:

  • complex reaction networks with multiple reaction steps,
  • a variety of phase combinations (gas/liquid, liquid/liquid, gas/liquid/liquid),
  • different solvent systems.

By using dynamic optimization and optimal control, the optimal operating conditions can be derived for different objectives. Evaluation of the control profiles allows for the derivation of reactor-separator-networks and integrated reactor-separator-systems which can be used for the development of integrated processes together with subproject D1. In B1 the approach is exemplified using the reductive amination of 1-undecanal and the hydroaminomethylation of 1-decene.


Besides the process design, innovative reactor modules are build and characterized experimentally as well as numerically to quantify the effects of

on the stability and robustness of the reactor. Special attention is also given to the mixing properties in the case of different phase combinations. These investigations are performed using stand-alone models and under mini-plant conditions together with the subprojects D2 and D3 to validate the methodological approach and to further improve the reactor design.


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A2 (Schomäcker): Catalytic Upgrading of Long Chain Olefins by Hydroformylation and Hydroesterification in Surfactant Modified Multi Phase Systems

A3 (Hamel, Seidel-Morgenstern): Kinetics of reductive amination and hydroaminomethylation in reactive multiphase fluid systems

A4 (Sadowski, Stein): Choice of solvent for selective control of kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical reactions

A10 (Böhm, Hecht, Kraume): Gas/Liquid Mass Transfer in Reactive Multiphase Systems

A11 (Seidensticker, Vogt): Homogeneously catalyzed reductive amination of long-chain aldehydes and hydroaminomethylation of long-chain alkenes with integrated catalyst separation in thermoregulated phase systems

B8 (Kraume, Thévenin): Characterization, modeling and simulation of phase separation in micellar multiphase systems

B9 (Kienle, Sundmacher): Integrated design of thermomorphic multicomponent systems (TMS) and separation processes for the efficient recovery of homogeneous catalysts and solvents

D1 (Engell, Sadowski, Sundmacher): Fast model-based design of chemical processes with several liquid phases

D2 (Repke): Demonstration of the Fast Track Process Development and of the Optimal Operation of the Reductive Amination of Long-chained Aldehydes in Emulsion Systems

D3 (Skiborowski, Vogt): Development and testing of integrated reaction and catalyst separation for the homogenously catalyzed reductive amination and hydroaminomethylation of long chain alkenes in a miniplant


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