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"Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems"

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Project Area D: Integrated Process Development

Sub-Coordinators: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Engell     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens-Uwe Repke

A new project area D "Integrated Process Development" has been set up for the 3rd funding period of the CRC/TR 63. Here, the projects for the coordination of the model-based process development, the validation of the processes in miniplants and the development and testing of the process design and operation are summarized. The projects in this area are to be based on investigations and developments in project areas A and B and give feedback on the overall objective of the development of efficient processes.

The objective of the project area D is to apply, validate and further develop the methods and tools for model-based process development developed in the first two funding periods.

Structure of the project area

D1 (Engell, Sadowski, Sundmacher): Fast model-based design of chemical processes with several liquid phases

D2 (Repke): Demonstration of the Fast Track Process Development and of the Optimal Operation of the Reductive Amination of Long-chained Aldehydes in Emulsion Systems

D3 (Skiborowski, Vogt): Development and testing of integrated reaction and catalyst separation for the homogeneously catalyzed reductive amination and hydroaminomethylation of long chain alkenes in a miniplant

D4 (Engell, Esche): Control and optimal operation of the reductive amination and of the hydroaminomethylation in the demonstration plants



















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